Thursday, July 16, 2015

This Whole Batman v. Superman Thing

So the new trailer dropped last weekend.

... and as much as I've whined and complained about this movie being GRIMDARK, I started feeling a bit better. They showed Robin's costume, for cryin' out loud! There was some (tiny little itty-bitty) scrap of respect being shown for the history! And it looked like they were going to acknowledge the weaknesses in Man of Steel and use them as a springboard for character growth!

I was cautiously optimistic.

But then you hear that bit from Ma Kent and it sorta all goes down the crapper. This editorial over at Topless Robot contains a good deal of profanity, but it explains the serious issues with her statement extremely well. Maybe in the context of the film it makes more sense; who knows. I just know that really want to get excited about DC's cinematic future, but every time I start to I see some other nasty, mean-spirited, let's-appeal-exclusively-to-middle-school-boys nonsense.

... not even gonna get started on the Suicide Squad today.