Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Great Comics That SHOULD Have Happened

I've always been a fan of comics (and superheroes in particular), but I haven't actually purchased a monthly "floppy" in forever. Part of that is because I'm old and destitute, and part of that is because any DC comics that aren't Batman '66 are too in love with being grim & colorless slogs. Today, though, I stumbled across a blog featuring some books I actually might consider spending my LEGO minifigure allowance on:

Comics fan Ross Pearsall has been working on a blog called Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues! and it is extremely rad. Today's issue features one of my all-time favorite real-life metahumans, Mr. T:

Task Froce T, by Ross Pearsall

This got me thinking about other fun comics-that-never-were-but-shoulda-been, which of course led me to...

Comics Alliance Presents: Great Comics That Never Happened

Which are pretty much all amazing. One of my favorites, though, is the League of Extraordinary Gentleman: America 1988 cover:

League of Extraordinary Gentleman, America: 1988

Which was technically an April Fool's Day joke, but which reminded me of this... so many good FAKE comics. I know there are some amazing REAL comics on the shelves right now (*cough* BATMAN '66 *cough*) but so few with such a sense of humor and fun. Heck, the last two LOEG books weren't half as interesting as these pretend ones made by fans, but they were sure ten times as gritty!

... like I said, I'm old.

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