Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Mii Plaza Is Getting (More) Crowded

So Nintendo just e-mailed me with this:

... and I am just a terrible, terrible nerd/Nintendo Fanboy because I both desperately want and absolutely detest this. I seldom StreetPass (unless I'm at a theme park or something) and when I do, I feel like it takes forever to play through all the games I already have. As a psycho completist, I want to play them all and not miss a single StreetPass tag; but as a boring old man I don't actually enjoy them all anymore. I stopped playing Find Mii after a few run-throughs; Mii Force is too big a pain; and Flower Town I muscle through but seldom actually like. Now I'm supposed to add two more?

Now, I totally realize how irrational this all is. I don't need to play anything, and there certainly isn't anymore holding a gun to my head to make me buy or play something new. I'm being silly. I just wonder if anyone else gets this weird split perspective, or if it's just me.

... gonna buy the two new games either way. Stupid zombies and fishing.

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